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Silicone Freezer Cube 2pcs

Subdivide your baby food ingredients and store it in Mother's Corn Silicone Freezer Cubes! These colour-coded freezer cubes will help you be efficient in the kitchen. With the transparent clip-on lid, your ingredients will be visible through the lid and you won't have to worry about the smell. It is easy to categorise ingredients and flexible enough to retrieve frozen food with an effortless squeeze. Safe, convenient, flexible and practical! Let Mother's Corn be your helping hand.

- Made from food grade natural silicone.
- Safe and can stand temperature from -20 - 250 Degree celcius. 
- Freezable, microwavable and can be use with sterilizer.
- Perfect way to store your first baby food or ingredients. 
- The silicone lid is transparent so your food will be visible through the lid.
- The set comes with 2 silicone trays, one orange and one brown(brown for meat and orange for vegetables) which make it more efficient. 
- Each tray can store 3 ounces of food ( ounces for each cube). 
- The food, once frozen, can be easily retrieved because the silicone tray is very flexible.

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