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Momioo Shop sells a lot of high and super quality baby and kid products with competitive price for retail and wholesale (bulk items) as well. Momioo Shop also an authorized retailer for some brands. Please, don’t hesitate to ask anything, and Momioo Shop will try to give you the best service. If you get interested to join Wholesale Program, please leave Momioo Shop know, thus your account will be changed to Wholesale Account.
As Momioo Shop’s tagline “Exclusive, Fun, and Creative Online Store..Place You Don’t Only Shop” , you will find that you don’t only make your purchase here.  You can try to rent few products. Even if you want to sell your second hand baby and kid products, Momioo Shop will help you to meet your customer. How? Just send your email to sales@momiooshop.com.
After all..Find the fun of shopping here..

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+62822-9896-5858 (No Call)

Operational Hours (Mon-Sat): 09.00 am - 05.00 pm (GMT+7)

Location: Jakarta - Indonesia